Your First Session

One of the questions I get most often is, “What can I expect?” Or, “What will it be like?”

It can feel a bit intimidating if you don’t know exactly what to expect. Even if you’ve been in counseling or coaching before, each counselor is a bit different in the environment we create, how we hold space, and how we approach services and problems.

Here, I’ll try to give you a feel for what counseling with me may be like.

First, here are some pictures of my office!

Waiting area – but you won’t spend much time here!
My cozy treatment room
Comfy chair

This is what it’s like when you come in to see me in person. I have a big comfy chair where you can sit and relax or even curl up if the mood strikes you. Feet and shoes are totally allowed on the furniture if you want. While you’re in my office, you get to make the space yours!
I have a water cooler and a coffee pot if you want either while you’re with me, but you can also bring something with you. I also have “fidgets”. I find that sometimes it’s easier for me to talk when I’m fidgeting with something, so I have these stashed around and you can play with them or not while we talk. It’s all up to you.

At your first appointment we’ll go over your paperwork briefly, talk about confidentiality, about my qualifications, and I’ll get some basic information from you. You’ll decide where we start and where we go. We’ll decide when you’ll come back, talk about how it went, and we’ll go from there. I’m pretty laid back and my office is relaxed and quiet.

The feedback on my office that I get most often is that it’s comfortable, relaxing, and that talking with me is like talking to a friend. To make an appointment to see me in person, please call me at 254-781-3566 or click here.

Meeting with me online is just slightly different in that you won’t come to my office, but you’ll see me in it! I set up in my office with my tablet or laptop and in total privacy. You’ll do all your paperwork online prior to your appointment. You can wear your pajamas and pet your cat during your session if you want! I’ll make sure you can hear me and/or see me when our session starts. We’ll talk about confidentiality and we go on from there. To make an appointment for online services click here or call 254-781-3566.


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