Counselor Recommended Mental Health Apps

helpful mental health apps

Screen time isn’t always a bad thing! These useful apps can help adults and teens outside the counseling session to support wellness, increase mindfulness, and a bunch of other helpful things. Some of these are apps that I use with clients as an adjunct to therapy. Just a friendly reminder that no app can replace counseling and professional mental healthcare completely – these are meant as a supplement to therapy.

  1. Personal Zen (App Store – iPhone) – Bonuses: Free, Research Supported

This app is really neat because it was developed using research to help people relieve anxiety and promote positive thinking. It’s simple enough that young children can use it. The background music in the app is soothing. Using this “game” you can literally train your brain to more quickly look for and find the positive in situations. Your job in this app is to hunt and follow the “happy sprites” with smiling faces on their trails. It’s a freebie on the app store.

  1. Guided Meditations with Andrew Johnson (App Store – iPhone/Play Store – Android) – Bonuses: Some Free, Relaxing, Helps with sleep

The apps by Andrew Johnson vary in their goal, but my favorite is the one for positivity. Some of them are paid depending on their focus (typically less than $5). With these you’re getting guided meditation from the mega-relaxing voice of Andrew Johnson. You can set the app to wake you after your guided relaxation session or to let you drift peacefully to sleep. I recommend these to clients frequently and they get rave reviews!

  1. Easy Mood Diary (App Store – iPhone/Play Store – Android) – Bonuses: Free, Simple, Supports Counseling

This free app is a journal for your moods. It helps you track and chart your moods where you can see trends and help yourself map your way to the whys and wherefores of your best days. You can use it to track specific symptoms like anxiety or your overall mood. The best part is that it’s simple to use and you can set it up to email your log to your therapist as part of your ongoing care. This app becomes part of your treatment team!

  1. GPS for the Soul (on the App Store for iPhone) Bonuses: Free, Well-Rounded with Multiple Tools to Relax and Recharge

This free app is designed to get you more “in tune” with your inner self. It has an easy to use format and includes both auditory and visual formats. There’s a wealth of information in articles and videos to learn from to help you on your journey to wellness. Yoga videos and deep breathing exercises in the app are amazing.

No application can replace interactive professional counseling, but these apps are definitely great helps in any journey toward wellness. If you’re looking to make this trek into wellness and self-knowledge and you’re in Texas, contact me about in person, phone, or video counseling 🙂

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