Support for Teens Coping with Anxiety & Depression


This group has been put together at the request of the community. You asked and I was down to ride!


Teens that fit best with this group will be aged 13 to 17 or in 7th through 11th grades who are coping with depression or anxiety related issues. No diagnosis is necessary.


Saturdays from 2p.m. – 3:30p.m. Beginning June 10, 2017

How this group is different:

This isn’t like a regular group – this is an awesome group!

Many times “groups” are thrown together using a curriculum that dictates what each session covers and how it is covered. That isn’t therapeutic – it’s school! While education is a big part of the counseling process and people who attend this group WILL learn things, sitting in a regulated environment with a handbook is stifling and it takes away the ability to build cohesion, support, and lots of other aspects important to group counseling. This group will adapt to the needs of its members – we’ll go where the group needs to.

We’ll definitely be learning some things, though. Some of that will include how anxiety and depression function in the body, some techniques for calming panic attacks, ways of thinking that increase discomfort and how to change them, as well as skills of resiliency for building ourselves up for the all to soon return to school this August.


The group will go for 6 weeks. If there is interest or it is beneficial, the group will continue until the start of school or even after.

Fun Stuff:

Handouts to take home when we cover important techniques, refreshments, and activities. The activities we do will be determined by the group. A group that tends to be into art will find that we do some art projects. If our group has movie buffs, we may pick a favorite movie to watch and discuss, etc. The kids really get to shape the group and guide us along!


Parents have to attend the first session for a few minutes while we discuss confidentiality in the group environment and to provide consent to treatment and participation in the group. After that, parents can drop off and pick up at the appointed times.

For this group to start, at least 4 people must pre-register. The group’s size is limited due to space and for group efficiency to 8 participants total. If the group doesn’t start, then those who are pre-registered will be contacted and offered some alternatives.


Contact me via phone at (254) 781-3566.

If I’m tied up or in session I’ll call back ASAP! I’ll ask you a few questions about your teen, get some info from you and email you some documents to complete that will make your stay at our first meeting really quick.


Cost for this group is $20 per session. Parents can pay for each session individually, keep a card on file to be charged as their child attends, or send cash/check in with their participant at each visit. No advance payments are accepted in order to protect clients in case the group doesn’t form (with the minimum number of participants).


If you have any questions about the group, give me a call at 254-781-3566 or send an email to with “Group Questions” in the subject line.

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