What is Anger Management?

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a broad term that covers a number of interventions to help people cope with anger that has become problematic.

It’s important to note that anger in itself isn’t the problem. Anger is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at some point. Anger can even be a helpful emotion in some cases.

Problem anger is anger that leads to aggression, which is behavior that expresses anger in a problematic way. This could be slamming doors, yelling, threats of violence or violence.

One of the biggest concerns that people have going in to anger management groups is that the goal of the group or final result will be that they become passive or get “walked on”. This isn’t the goal or outcome of anger management work! That would be trading one issue for another. In anger management with me, you’ll actually learn assertiveness skills that will help you prevent becoming a “door mat”.

The goal is to help you learn to manage anger, stop violence or threat of violence (and the consequences those behaviors often hold like legal action, arrest, or loss of relationships), and assist you in developing control over your thoughts and actions. Anger management conducted in the group format also gives you the opportunity to receive support and feedback from others.

Does it work?

The program that I use in anger management is based on cognitive behavior therapy or CBT and it has been proven to be effective in clinical trials. CBT treatments like the one I use aren’t just effective; they’re time limited, which means that you can achieve much in a shorter amount of time.

You won’t learn just one method to help you. I utilize four sets of layered interventions that integrate multiple approaches to controlling anger and target all the aspects of anger. Emotional and physiological components, thinking patterns that contribute to anger and communication issues like conflict resolution and assertiveness are targeted.

You’ll leave anger management with the tools necessary to make real changes in your approach to problem anger. The ripple effects you’ll experience from this important work are limitless.

For more information on the anger management group I facilitate, please use my contact form or call 254-781-3566. Visit this page for upcoming start dates.

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