Some Vulnerability from the Counselor During COVID-19

Some genuine, real 💩 from your friendly neighborhood counselor…
Thanks to COVID-19, every therapist I know, myself included, has both had clients leave services due to the virus, and we’ve had an influx of people needing services.
Collectively, we have added hours to our weeks to meet demand, pro bono spots to serve those who can’t afford therapy, and I myself am working really hard to take as many new clients as I can and ensure that my calendar stays organized for appointments. This has been an incredible challenge for me. I’m a one-woman show with no admin help for my calendar or appointments.
Nearly every week I encounter tech issues as more people are home using the internet and it seems this impacts connection. The platforms I use to communicate with clients are experiencing incredibly high volumes of traffic that lead to tech weirdnesses that are far outside the norm. I’m juggling this on top of record cancellations, trying to contact clients to move them into open spots, and creating time and space for clients experiencing crisis (who often need more than my standard half hour and 50 minute spots). I know this has meant that at times I seem frazzled, disorganized, and perhaps even uncaring (this last one is the therapist’s nightmare – I do care, so much!).
I share this genuine bit of information not to cause you pause or concern for me (I’m feeling good!) – but to share some behind the scenes so that anyone trying to contact me, schedule, etc. knows I’m here and I will get back to you!
I appreciate your patience as I take more time to respond to messages and emails, more time to schedule, and sometimes need to cancel. I’m working as hard as I can and truly appreciate and care for each person who allows me the blessing of joining with them in support of their journey toward wellness.

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