Hi! I’m Whitney, but you probably got that from my site name, so…moving on!

I’m a counselor, coach, and educator. I work with people online and in Stephenville, Texas, toward all sorts of goals. Whether it’s working through life’s tough moments, cultivating creativity for a big project, healing from loss, or mental health struggles – my passion is helping you find yours!

I want you to be happy, healthy, loved, and every other incredible thing you’re meant to be. My mission is to help you reveal your complete epicness to the world.

If you’re still reading –

I have an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I’m a National Certified Counselor, and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Texas. I’ve written and published a few articles for my profession (professional advocacy is definitely one of my things!), I continue to blog for the American Counseling Association and here in this blog on things that I care about and helpful stuff.

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