Anger Management

Anger Management Group

My latest anger management group is enrolling now. This group utilizes research-based techniques for controlling anger, preventing violence and threats of violence, and developing self-control over thoughts and actions. For details on what we cover in this group, click here. This page will update with new start dates as courses start and finish, so check back as needed!

Who: Adults age 18 and older who would like to learn skills to better control anger.

When: This group will meet once weekly, 12 times, for 90 minute sessions. The group starts Friday June 23, 2017 and runs from 6 to 7:30p.m.

Attendance: There are 12 sessions plus an intake, which can be completed over the phone in about 15 minutes. In order to receive a certificate of completion you must not miss more than 3 sessions. It is possible to make up sessions that you miss in the individual setting.

Certificate: A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program.

Follow Up: I’ll call you to check in on your progress about one month after your completion of the course. You don’t have to participate, but your participation is appreciated.

Registration: Call to register. If I’m available at the time of your call to perform your registration intake it can be conducted at that time; if not I’ll schedule a time that works for both of us to complete your intake assessment. Call 254-781-3566 to register and schedule your intake assessment.

Availability: The minimum number of enrollment for this group to begin is 4 participants. The maximum number is 8. If the group is unable to start due to lack of enrollment, you’ll have the option for individual sessions or to wait until enough participants are enrolled.

Cost: Intake assessment (call) is completed via phone and costs $10. All following sessions are $35.00 each, payable at the time of your session. For your convenience you will be asked to keep a credit or debit card on file for charges for sessions you attend.

Court/Probation Compliance: It is your responsibility to determine if this program meets the requirements of your individual probation/local court’s specifications for anger management. Psychological Services of Northern Texas/Whitney White, MS., NCC., LPC-Intern accepts no responsibility for you choosing a program that is not approved by your probation office or local court; however, we will work with you to meet additional requirements not met by the standard program, if possible. Check with your probation office to find out what their requirements are. This course provides 12 weekly 90 minute in-person sessions and utilizes a CBT/social theory curriculum approved by SAMHSA.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the course or meeting requirements you may have to meet for legal purposes. Use my contact me form or call 254-781-3566.