Depression & Anxiety

Struggling with depression or anxiety or both can make it difficult to live the life you want. I help people face these particular challenges successfully.

Many Americans live with these problems and also face the isolation of secrecy in hiding their feelings from those closest to them or from lack of understanding and support from family and friends that is needed. Most people report significant relief from depression and anxiety after a just few weeks of counseling treatment. A small investment in your wellness now can pay off in major dividends.

Counseling can help you:

·        Reduce feelings of sadness ·        Regain interests & desire to have fun
·        Look forward to each day ·        Address pas regrets  & guilt
·        Increase your motivation & concentration ·        Reconnect & repair relationships
·        Manage panic attacks ·        Understand & alleviate fears
·        East phobias ·        Reduce overall worry

The research shows that cognitive behavior therapy is an effective treatment for both and even improves medication performance when it is used. I’m happy to work with your doctor to help you manage medication needs in addition to working with you in counseling.

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