Relationship Loss

The end of a relationship or even can be traumatic and upsetting. No matter how hard you try to just “let it go” or “forget about it”, strong emotions and thoughts about the loss of a relationship often make it hard to move on.

Grief is a part of this process and one that is often ignored. Ignoring feelings, stuffing them down, or pretending things are ok delays the healing process. Working through your emotions and your relationship loss can lead to healing and even growth that supports you as you move forward.

Some of the common signs of grief are intense pain or sadness, anger at others and self, numbness, changes in sleeping and eating, increased desire/use of substances, diminishing self-esteem, social isolation, trouble concentrating, and even physical signs like feeling nauseated or tired.

Counseling can help you make time for the healing process and support you as you heal, gain perspective on the situation, help you create positive new habits that will reconnect you with other areas of your life, and renew your commitment to yourself to be the best possible you.

To find out more about how counseling may help with relationship difficulties or loss, please visit my Work With Me page.