Available Courses

When I have active self-paced, self-help courses running, you can find them here!

Taming Your Anxiety is currently available and limited to 100 seats! The course comes with handouts and downloads designed to help you on your journey. *Be aware – this course is ‘reading heavy’ so if reading isn’t something you enjoy, this course may not be for you.*

In Taming Your Anxiety you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what anxiety really is
  • Anxiety’s symptoms
  • Symptom management that actually works
  • How anxiety functions biologically, behaviorally, and cognitively
  • How our social constructs and our biology impact the development of anxiety
  • How ACES – or adverse childhood experiences influence the development of anxiety
  • Research-supported preventative techniques
  • Science backed cognitive behavioral methods for addressing, managing, coping with and healing anxiety